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To prepare for your role in the fashion industry, you need to learn how to balance your meticulous attention to detail with a broad perspective of the entire fashion design process. In addition to learning how to draft patterns and fabricate them into finished garments, you can learn how to market them in the retail world using your knowledge of visual merchandising and consumer behavior.  One of the best ways to develop your skills would be to attend a design school that specializes in fashion.  After you complete these steps, you may be read for a career in fashion design.

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Accessories Designer

Art Director


Assistant Merchandisers

Associate Creative Director

Associate Designer

Branded Clothing Designer

Bridge Fashion Designer

CAD Artist

CAD Designer

Childrenswear Designer

Clothing Designer

  Color Administrator

Contemporary Designer

Couture Designer

Design Assistant

Design Associate

Design Director

Design Illustrator


Director of Color & CAD Design

Fashion Design Director

Fashion Designer

Fashion Graphic Designer

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Industry

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Website Designer

Footwear Designer

Footwear Merchandising Manager

Formalwear Designer

Girls Designer

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Assistant

Graphic Design Director

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