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Only ClothingApparel Search - Largest & fastest growing online guide to the apparel, clothing and fashion industry. Apparel Search B2B fashion guide provides news and information regarding virtually every aspect of the garment industry.  If you are looking specifically for employment resources, you can view the Apparel Jobs section first.  Learn more at

Fashion Industry Network - the fashion industry network is a sister site of the Fashion Job Search website.  FIN as it is lovingly called, is a social media site dedicated to members of the style, clothing, beauty, and textile industries.  If you work in the industry, or plan to begin your career, you are welcome to join in the conversations.  The Fashion Network is an international fashion channel of information that is running 24/7 and year round.  If you enjoy learning about trends, special events, celebrity gossip, etc., this is a great site for you to visit.

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If you are interested in discussing issues relevant to careers in our industry or the industry in general you are welcome to join in the discussion by using the comments area below.  Feel free to discuss topics such as resume writing, interview tips, the benefits or disadvantages of internships, etc.
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